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Do we provide house moving services in other provinces ?

“Speed Move” also provides house moving services in upcountry as well, but it is the nature of moving houses from Bangkok to upcountry or from other provinces to Bangkok. We offer nationwide moving services, inclusive of public holidays.

Which is better, hiring a vehicle or using the moving company ?

We cannot answer which one is better, depending on the suitability of the tasks and the satisfaction of the house owners. If the house owners can provide persons to lift the belongings, put the moving items into cartons, as well as being able to disassemble the cabinets and bed on their own, as well as the porters know how to lift the moving items and organize them on a truck, then hiring a service truck to move stuff may be cheaper than using a moving company. On the other hand, if the porters have no experience of moving, damage may occur, especially to furniture, glassware, appliances which may be broken, scratched or damaged. In addition, the house owner will get into a mess before and after the moving date.

Why does the relocating office with only 2 blocks apart from each other cost tens of thousands ?

It should be understood that the office or workplace relocation is not a goods transportation task which the charges is calculated based on distance, but the office moving work contains a lot of minor details to pay attention relating to packing things, dismantling and removing equipment, moving furniture, using the freight elevator, available time to move items permitted by each building management office, placement process, align the office desks and chairs according to the specified office plans, as well as moving a large number of documents and office equipment. As a result, the cost of office relocation usually starts at ten thousand baht or more.

Does the company provide house moving services on Saturday - Sunday or holidays ?

Speed Move provides nationwide moving services available 24 hours a day, inclusive of public holidays.

Why do the hiring of house moving for only 2 kilometers distance costs thousands ?

Even if it is a house moving in a short distance, but the move could not be completed in one or two hours. Due to the large number of objects in various forms existing in the house, the experienced porters are required for careful lifting and placing. In addition, the moving items must be packaged to prevent damage. All items must be packed in cartons carefully. The porters have to lift things up and down the stairs, wait for the elevator (in the case of moving the apartment) and dismantle and install knock down furniture, etc. These tasks require a lot of people to do, take a long time and also use a lot of packing materials which makes the high cost of moving house, even if the moving distance is short.

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Our moving services cover nationwide, available 24 hours a day, inclusive of public holidays.

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