Moving services of houses, condominiums, rooms, apartments, dormitories.

When you wish to move the house or household goods, it may not be easy for you. You make a mess of moving things. You’ll be nervous and tired of moving house. Please think of “Speed Move”, then the tasks of moving houses, condominiums and rooms become comfortable. We provide comprehensive range of moving solutions with performance quality guarantee. We carry out moving by a professional team that is fully equipped while offering you the convenience of moving. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything as we provide you the following services.

✓ Recommend the various procedures for moving.
✓ Perform a site survey, create a plan, give professional advice by experienced moving teams.
✓ Execute packing process, disassemble & reassemble the big furniture and wrap them up.
✓ Move items and place them by specialized training professional moving teams.
✓ We also offer collection service of household items and create items checklist for moving information.
✓ We cover nationwide removals and offer fully comprehensive moving services available 24 hours a day, inclusive of public holidays.

We will advise the best options for customers so that they will receive the best service and save money as much as possible. Although our services provided are very secure and protected, but for the safety of your belongings, we also offer a standard damage warranty to give you peace of mind while using our services.

”The hassles of moving houses, condominiums and rooms will become a piece of cake when using the moving services of Speed Move Professional Movers“

You don’t have to worry with these following problems.
– You don’t know how to start and plan your move.
– Who will help you pack your miscellaneous items?
– Who will help you carry things?
– How to lift large pieces of furniture? Will it be damaged?
– Where do you find boxes to put on your miscellaneous items?
– What vehicles will be used for transport these items? What size truck do you need for the move, large or small?
– How do you move things? Who has a transport trolleys to borrow?
– Will the move be completed in time as you planned?
– Will you be able to disassemble & reassemble furniture, as well as large tables, cabinets and beds?
– How to find a suitable place to store household items?

Office relocation service, office removal, office equipment moving, internal moving

Since the office is like the face of your business, if one day you want to move the office to facilitate your business, whether it be business contacts, convenient and comfortable travelling to work, and keeping up with the needs of the modern economy. Today you don’t have to worry about your move anymore. ”Speed Move” has already prepared every step for the office relocation so you can be confident in every matter of moving. We are very pleased to serve you willingly.

“Getting ready to start your operations in the new office without affecting your business anymore with the office relocation service provided by Speed Move Professional Movers.”

– You will no longer have to worry about office relocation problems and difficulties.
– We offer professional office relocation services processed by expert and rigorous planning teams.
– We serve you by quality moving equipment and modern vehicles. Provide all types of vehicle services as appropriate for the tasks.

Just contact us, then the hassles of office relocation is no longer an obstacle for starting operation in your new office.

Procedures of fully integrated moving solutions:
✓ Give advice on office relocation and various options of ancillary services.
✓ Perform a site survey service, assess the moving things thoroughly and estimate the volume of items and length of service needed.
✓ Give advice on the moving preparation to the agencies and clarify the scope of service, along with details of the service provided.
✓ Give advice on the items need to be taken care of and be extra careful.
✓ Provide equipment, vehicles and service teams.
✓ Arrange a team leader to supervise and control the moving process until completion of the moving tasks.
✓ Carry out the moving until the moving tasks are completed as agreed.

Have you ever had a headache with these problems?
– You don’t know how to start moving your office as you have numerous tasks on a daily routine.
– What do you do with a pile of documents and furniture?
– Who will help you carry things?
– How to lift large pieces of furniture? Will it be damaged?
– Where do you find cartons to put on your files and computers?
– What vehicles will be used for transport these items? What size truck do you need for the move, large or small
– How do you move things? Who has a transport trolleys to borrow?
– Will the move be completed in time as you planned while you still have urgent work?
– Will you be able to disassemble & reassemble furniture, as well as large tables and cabinets?
– How to find a suitable place to store office equipment and supplies?

“Let go off your problems and worries and allow us to take care of this duty, so get ready to start working in your new office with peace of mind and reliability.”

Furniture moving, reassembling and disassembling knock down furniture, dismantling and installing built-in furniture

If you experience the problem of moving furniture, we are willing to provide you with the reassembling and disassembling service for all brands of knock down furniture and carry out various furniture moving by a team of skilled technicians. We are ready to serve you with quality services at reasonable and friendly prices. From now on, it will not be difficult to move your furniture when you trust to use our services.

Cargoes Moving : Serve to move belongings

If cargoes moving is an urgent matter to have the cargoes reach the destination on time, whether it be moving cargoes, factories or other goods. Think of us as a choice for you. Speed Move offers all kinds of cargoes moving provided by professional moving teams to serve you all the time to ensure your products arrive the destination safely.

Moving house to other provinces : Nationwide moving service

If one day you wish to move your furniture, cargoes or relocate your residence to another province, Speed Move offers moving services that you will be satisfied at a friendly price, along with providing vehicle services according to the volume of the items being moved so that customers can choose the suitable vehicles, including 4 wheels pickup trucks, large 4 wheels trucks, // 6 wheels trucks. We serve a nationwide service available 24 hours a day.

Machinery moving : various equipment moving within the factory : laboratory equipment moving

The machinery and equipment in your factory are substantially significant and of great value that are essential to your business operations. Therefore, it is imperative to have skilled specialists to move machinery and equipment in your factory. Speed Move believes in the performance efficiency of our teams to provide the best service for moving machinery and equipment in your factory. The team is ready to install machines and equipment to make them available as soon as the moving process is complete. It is absolutely necessary to be operated by skilled personnel who can resolve problems immediately.

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