Home relocation process

Home relocation process

Place of transfer of origin

When the customer has determined the place, date and time for moving is complete, “Speed ​​Move” will organize your home moving work into the operation schedule. And arrange employees to work for you according to the place, date and time that you have informed

Packing and transport

“Speed ​​Move” will send employees with experience in moving directly into packing. To protect goods And items during transport at your residence (origin) with good packing materials and equipment such as corrugated paper, clear plastic, shockproof plastic (Bubble) foam and paper box.

Good packing material

Staff “Speed ​​Move” will pack it to protect items. And various appliances That may be easily damaged, such as televisions, computers, lamps, wall pictures, audio sets, cups, plates, electrical appliances. Using good quality packing material And suitable for the type of items to be packaged

Professional disassembly and assembly of furniture

In the event that there are appliances that must be disassembled such as wardrobes, beds, desks, shelves, display cabinets, etc. Speed ​​Move employees will perform disassembly. To make the transportation as easy, fast and safe as possible. After that, packing with good packing materials. “Speed ​​Move” staff can disassemble furniture in all brands such as Index, SB, KONCEPT, MODERN FORM, etc.

Moving up a truck

The moving staff will bring all the items and appliances Packed Unloaded into the truck that was provided And arrange them well With staff who are skilled in arranging items To travel to your destination at your new residence

Destination transfer location

Moving in

When the truck has arrived at your new residence The “Speed ​​Move” transporter will ask you to notify the room. And items to be transported into a new home, “Speed ​​Move” employees will transport their appliances from the truck. And gradually placed in the room And the position you want

Assembly and installation of furniture

Once the items are placed in the room and the various points that you want, the “Speed ​​Move” staff will assemble and install knock-down furniture such as wardrobe, bed, showcase, table, etc., to the same condition. And strong

Unpacking paper and packing materials

During the assembly and installation of the furniture, part of the Speed ​​Move staff will remove the paper. And the materials packaged And place your belongings at the point you want Orderly

Note the products that we except for moving Which we cannot be held responsible by the customer should keep and take it by themselves is illegal items, valuables, important documents, title deeds, government bonds, stock certificates, notebooks, mobile phones, checks, bracelets, rings, watches. Hands, guns, contracts, gunshots, explosives, toxic chemicals, etc.

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